Transform your Digital Music Distribution business

SonoSuite provides a white-label technology to launch, scale and grow your own digital distribution business.

Customize the platform under
your own brand

Wheather you are a local record label or a music distributor with a large catalog, set up your music distribution business completely hassle-free. You don't need to create any technology or infrastructure. We provide all the tools you need.

  • Create your own digital distribution business
  • Use our platform under your website domain
  • Apply your own branding

Digital distribution & catalog management

Our technology allows leading music businesses worldwide to easily upload their catalog and deliver it to the major digital music stores. You can opt to do it under your own contract, Merlin's, or default contract through us.

  • We are integrated with all major DSPs. Activate the channels that you need and when you need, according to the pricing plan that best fits you. 
  • Manage your digital assets & metadata
  • For record labels UPC / ISRC codes are generated automatically by our technology

Quality Control process

SonoSuite provides one of a kind Quality Control service. We control each audio, album art and metadata uploaded to follow the DSP's content guidelines and avoid any copyright infringement or quality issues that might affect the delivery of your catalog and then your business. 

No faulty uploads get through our quality control center! 

  • Quality Insurance: all your content is checked and approved by our QC Team
  • Compliant with DSP's content guidelines
  • Reduce fraud and copyright infringement

Royalty Collection & Reporting

Easily manage all royalty reports, revenues and insights your clients or your artists generate at any time and across all channels. 

  • Organize and control revenue's performances all in one platform
  • We upload the royalty reports provided by the DSPs to always provide the most transparent information.
  • Get a complete overview of your sales, your clients & artists' performance

Full customer support

Our team is always by your side to solve possible issues that you or your customers might have. We believe that personalized assistance is crucial to support the development of your business.

That's why we've got your back!

  • A dedicated team of content distribution and music industry experts 
  • International customer service
  • Personalized support 

We are connected to

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What people say about SonoSuite

Lanardo Myrick

Baby Girl Elite Distribution

What SonoSuite has is revolutionary

Oriol Oller

Sepulchral Silence

Having discovered and started working with Sonosuite, has been the most important decision i have take to bring the company to a level of proffesionalism. Great technology applied to digital distribution, and unbeatable QQC service and fast customer service. It is undoubtely a great company with excellent employees.

Talk to one of our experts

SonoSuite supports leading record labels and music distributors worldwide. Let one of our experts show you how SonoSuite can benefit your music business! 

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