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SonoSuite empowers independent music businesses worldwide to manage their own digital distribution, catalog and royalty reporting.
Whether you are a small record label or a consolidated music distributor with international projection, we provide the tailor made solution you were looking for.

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Noah launched his record label a few years back. Now thanks to SonoSuite he scaled and grew his business becoming a music distributor with clients around the globe. 
To show you how SonoSuite works, let us walk you through a workday with Noah. 

Noah starts his day with the most urgent task: making sure releases meet their launch dates. He uses SonoSuite's platform that allows him to:

  • Organize and review his catalog all in the same platform
  • Promptly take action of possible metadata corrections thanks to SonoSuite's built-in alerts
  • Perform bulk distribution, proceed with takedowns and updates whenever it is needed

Noah wants all his clients to be satisfied. That's why he requests assistance to SonoSuite's Help Center to clarify doubts and check that everything runs smoothly

  • Using Zendesk ticketing system integrated with the platform, Noah can easly review his account for any support ticket from his clients
  • Escalate tickets to SonoSuite's excellent Support team whenever necessary 

He recently upgraded to a higher pricing plan, so he can drop a personalized email to his dedicated Account manager. 

It's time for a checkpoint. Noah uses SonoSuite's reporting tools to:

  • Review this month's aggregate sales and revenue
  • Visually compare the evolution of sales to previous periods
  • Go in-depth and sort the data by label, user account, track, DSP, and much more
  • Download the same reports SonoSuite gets from DSPs to manage his accounting

He has full admin access as well as his team members with an admin account when it comes to reporting. 

This means they have full access to aggregated data at any time.

Noah's clients can request royalty payments. With SonoSuite's admin panel, Noah is able to:

  • See a detailed list of all out payments requests
  • Proceed with payments through the integrated payment gateways
  • Directly contact each client if any issue arises
  • Block payments if fraudulent activity is recognized by the platform

Noah gets new clients every day. He needs to track and manage the results of his marketing efforts. With SonoSuite he can:

  • Keep a daily track of newly created accounts
  • Set a custom business model for each one of them (pay-as-you-go, revenue share)
  • Consult his historical record of invoices
  • Enable or disable DSPs available for each client, according to his pricing plan. 
  • He has a full financial control of his digital distribution.

Dealing with numerous clients with multiple releases each month, means Noah controls efficiently what has being uploaded to the platform at any time.

  • Check the Quality Control status of the most imminent releases
  • Immediately contact the clients whenever metadata corrections or additional information is required
  • Submit any correction to our Quality Control team on the spot

He can sleep well knowing the catalog he distributes is protected from content infringement thanks to the SonoSuite team.

A flexible and scalable platform to manage your independent music distribution.

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Lanardo Myrick

Baby Girl Elite Distribution

What SonoSuite has is revolutionary

Oriol Oller

Sepulchral Silence

Having discovered and started working with Sonosuite, has been the most important decision i have take to bring the company to a level of proffesionalism. Great technology applied to digital distribution, and unbeatable QQC service and fast customer service. It is undoubtely a great company with excellent employees.

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