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Our white label SaaS solution allows you to set up our platform according to your business needs.     It is fully functional and versatile for you to build a music distribution service and customize it under your brand name and logo

White label solution.

Build the music business as you wish

Why our clients love Sonosuite

Let your clients distribute their content to hundreds of DSPs and let them keep
100% of rights ownership. 

You can opts to deliver music under your own contract, Merlin's or default contract
through us.

Digital music distribution made easy and reliable

Our excellent team checks accurately all content uploaded to the platform before it is distributed. We follow the DSP's content guidelines to avoid any copyright or quality infringement that might affect your business . 

We take care of your

Audio Quality Control

Access and control all financial data of your digital music business has never been so easy. Manage invoices, revenue shares and payout royalties via a simple and transparent  administration interface

Royalties, reports and data. All in one platform

Our Team of experts in the music industry and distribution service will help you to solve your doubts or any issue with a personalized support. 

We take care of you while you take care of your business.

We are always by your side!

Oriol Oller
Sepulchral silence

Having discovered and stared working with SonoSuite, has been the most important decision I have taken to bring the company to a level of professionalism. Great technology applied to digital distribution, an unbeatable QC service and fast customer service. It is undoubtedly a great company with excellent employees.

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