Your business,Your plan.

Your music business is different, so is our pricing.We offer options to every need, and we are by your side to select the one that best fits you.

SonoSuite Bronze

+ 2000 tracks

Up to 100 end-user accounts

All Major DSPs

Customer Support

Tailored for record labels and music businesses with a small sized music catalog

SonoSuite  Silver

+ 10.000 tracks

Up to 1500 end-user accounts

All Major DSPs

Own contract activation

Ideal for starting your own digital distribution service

SonoSuite Gold

+ 50.000 tracks

∞ end-user accounts

All available integrated DSPs

Monetization / user-generated content

Own contract activation

Dedicated Account Manager

Best-selling plan for medium/large-

sized independent music distributors

*SonoSuite recommends

SonoSuite Platinum

∞ tracks

∞ end-user accounts

All available integrated DSPs

Monetization / user-generated content

Own contract activation

Dedicated Account Manager

Enterprise solution for large-sized distributors or music aggregators

Starting from 99€ / month*

* This price is subject to additional charges and related to pricing plan details

We are connected to

and more channels worldwide

Frequently Asked Questions

I am an artist, can I use SonoSuite?

How can I launch a Digital Distribution Service?

Not directly, our company focuses on helping music businesses worldwide such as record labels, distributors or aggregators. If you are an artist and want to distribute your music to online streaming channels you shall contact a digital distributor or aggregator to do so.

It's never been so easy. All you need to do to get started with your own Digital Distribution Business is your own website and domain to be connected on top of our white-label platform (Silver plan and above). 

What stores do you distribute to?

Can I change the design?

We are integrated with more than 100 digital music services. However depending on the pricing plan of your choice (Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum) you will get access to a certain set of channels.

Our white-label platform allows you to customize items such as logo, background image, and colors among many other advanced features that are available from the Silver plan and above.

Do you offer a special deal for large catalogs?

What does “own contract” mean?

As a content owner or representative, your company may have previously signed direct license agreements with music services (DSPs). SonoSuite gives you the option to use your own pre-existing contractual terms with DSPs in our white-label environment (subject to specific service fees).

Depending on your catalog size, business model or specific requirements, our team will analyze your needs and eventually offer a custom-made solution. Click here to get in touch with our experts.

SonoSuite is the right solution for your music business

We offer a fully customizable platform to any kind of independent music business, from local records labels to established music distributors with international projection. Learn more about how we can support your growth according to your needs.

What people say about SonoSuite

Lanardo Myrick

Baby Girl Elite Distribution

What SonoSuite has is revolutionary

Oriol Oller

Sepulchral Silence

Having discovered and started working with Sonosuite, has been the most important decision i have take to bring the company to a level of proffesionalism. Great technology applied to digital distribution, and unbeatable QQC service and fast customer service. It is undoubtely a great company with excellent employees.

Interested in managing your own independent digital music distribution?

Contact us, try our platform and experience how SonoSuite can benefit you! 

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